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My passion for adventure started early in life.  These things are still important parts of my life. My awesome family, Plays, Movies, Magic, Motorcycles, Diving, Shooting, Karate, all things Technology and Computer and Travelling.

After graduation I joined the United States Marine Corps and traveled abroad in support of Operation Desert Storm. I then transferred to the Army to fly Helicopters. After my 7-year stint in the military I ended up living and starting a Technology company in the south. During this time, I shot competitively in the Single Action Shooting Society, worked with an Old West reenactment group and performed Magic Professionally. After almost 10 years in the south I moved back to southern California where I continued to work in Technology and Film & Television. Today, I continue to love the Arts and Technology.


  • Film Producer, Director, Actor and Stuntman
  • Professional Magician
  • Professional Technology Expert and Project Manager, HIPAA Certified Technology Professional rated
  • Commercial Rated/Instrument Certified Helicopter Pilot
  • A&P Qualified Jet Mechanic
  • Firefighter 1 & First Aid Certified
  • 1st Dan Shorin-Ryu Karate and Red Belt Shito-Ryu/Itosu Kai Karate
  • Adept Motorcycle Handler (Dirt and Street)
  • Proficient Gun and Sword Handler 
  • Proficient Muscle Car & Motorcycle Restoration Enthusiast 
  • Proficient Diver
  • Comfortable Horse Handler

Professional Affiliations

  • American Legion
  • Elks Lodge
  • Single Action Shooting Society (Majyk #859)
  • Commercial Pilot Rating
  • Project Management Institute
  • Academy Of Magic Arts
  • International Brotherhood of Magicians
  • American Motorcycle Association
  • SAG/AFTRA – Stunt & Actor
  • PADI


  • Ancient Roman Coin Collecting
  • Hockey & Baseball
  • World of Warcraft
  • Dirt and Street Motorcycles
  • Flying
  • Diving
  • Travel

Hollywood Actor/Stuntman


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Film Producer & Director


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